The Atheist Bus bitten back

A letter sent today to the Advertising Standards Authority:

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to complain about an advertising slogan soon to be seen on the side of a buses in central London.  It proclaims, in large letters, that there DEFINITELY is a God.  I find this interesting, as my long-term agnostic stance would most definitely be softened if there really was a God.  I have always found the thought of eternity in Heaven an attractive prospect (who wouldn’t), but the arguments for God (all of them, I am not discriminating by picking on any one of them) seemed weak at best, and laughable at worst.

So as you can imagine, I was delighted to see this advert.  Imagine, proof at last that there was, without doubt, DEFINITELY a God watching over us!

So I got in touch with The Christian Party to enquire about this new proof, and to see if I could help spread the word of it’s arrival.  It is after all, a momentous occasion in the history of our planet.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Do you know what I found out?  NOTHING has changed!  I know, it was shocking to me too.  In fact, all I found was a suggested donation on their home page of TWO HUNDRED POUNDS!  I found nothing to show there definitely is a God.  Nothing whatsoever.

I can therefore only conclude that this is an elaborate money-making scam.  Perhaps it is one of those pyramid things I have seen on Watchdog.  I don’t know.  All I know is that there will be many consumers that, like me, fall into this trap after seeing an advertisement promising there DEFINITELY is a God.  I believe this is what you call “false advertising” and I would like to know what you plan to do about it.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Angry.

I will post any response I receive.


  1. Scaryduck · February 6, 2009

    KIll them! Kill them all!

    No… too harsh

  2. Cliff · February 6, 2009

    And many false profits shall rise, and shall deceive many.
    Matthew 24:11

  3. Mr Angry · February 6, 2009

    Scaryduck – I know many question their work, but you’re right, it’s a bit harsh on the ASA.

    Cliff – Is that the chapter on Enron?

  4. Keef · February 6, 2009

    Wow a poster on the side of a bus telling me there is definitely a God what other proof do you need?
    That’s me convinced Praise The Lord Brothers for I have seen the Light Hallelujah !!

  5. Aimee · February 6, 2009

    I’m a total convert. I had this history of dating emotionally abusive guys who were just awful in the sack. I mean AWFUL. Then my friend made me put a profile up on one of those dating sites and I said “Oh God!”. I got 10 responses in less than 10 minutes. I met in person with the hottest guys I’ve ever seen. 2 dates later, we were in the sack and H-E-L-L-O, 45 minutes, non-stop, hardcore *******. The guy could have been dubbed the real foot long, you know what I mean? Just when I thought it was too good to be true, he came back the next night and it was literally all night long. I was saying “OH GOD!” in an entirely different way.

  6. Misty · February 6, 2009

    Lucky Lucky Aimee, does he have a brother?

  7. Hawkeye · February 6, 2009

    Have endless fun* here, making up your own slogans to put on the side of a bus:

    (* May not actually provide endless fun…)

  8. ubermouth · February 6, 2009

    There is a God! I saw him last week end drinking wine with Elvis. Marilyn was waitressing.

  9. God · February 6, 2009

    You can get the toasting fork ready, Ba‘al Zebûb, he’s not one of mine.

  10. Preacher · February 6, 2009

    HE is alive and well and living in my fridge.

  11. Megan · February 6, 2009

    Did the advert say which god, exactly? Because without specifics I don’t see I’m any better off.