My new plaything

It’s been a bit quiet around here recently, hasn’t it? I know that, you know that, so we might as well come out and say it.

It’s not you, it’s me.

It’s because I’ve been playing away from home.  Sorry about that.  But like a kinky adulterer, I am now hoping to get you involved in the action.

I have been working a new website.  There, I said it.  And now I’d like you to come and have a look at it.

It’s a spoof news website, parodying UK Internet news reporting.  I already have a small team of writers contributing ‘news’ articles for it, and who knows, maybe you will become one of writers too?

So without further ado, I present  Where we never let the truth get in the way of a funny story.


  1. Amy · February 22, 2009

    I’ve clicked on a few pages, and already I love it.

    I’m slowly losing the need to leave my computer. Marvellous.

  2. Brennig Jones · February 22, 2009

    Mugabe claims shock victory! *snigger*

  3. Mr H · February 22, 2009

    Very good. Almost made up for the disappointment of Living TV not going through with my “Wheeltappers & Shunters Fight Club” reality TV project.


  4. Sam · February 22, 2009

    That’s some funny shit there.

  5. Keef · February 22, 2009

    I particularly liked the one about Heather Mills picture being photoshopped that was a classic, I don’t think that Alistair Darling not having a clue was spoof though.

  6. Mr Angry · February 22, 2009

    Glad you all like it. There will be more new stories up there every day, so keep watching. And please tell your friends.

    And you are right Keef, that story is true. I had to put one in there to maintain some semblance of journalistic integrity.

  7. Mr Farty · February 22, 2009

    Submarine Insurance tickled my funnybone.

    The great thing is, everyone at work is always checking out the BBC website, to which yours bears an uncanny resemblance, so I can take a sly peek during the day without raising any suspicions until I fall off my chair laughing.

  8. Preacher · February 22, 2009

    Because I am very pissed I have submitted what I can only describe as some embarrassing shit.

    I have thrown a sicky from work to read more NewsArse.

    It is all your fault.

  9. Misty · February 22, 2009

    Laughed my ‘A Remarkable Special Event’ off!

  10. Anna · February 22, 2009

    No no no. It isn’t repetitive enough to be taken as a proper spoof. You have to keep repeating the main points for those surfers who only spend a couple of seconds on each page. You really should repeat stuff more you know. If you repeat the main points they will finally sink in and it helps fill up the page too. It isn’t repetitive enough, the first paragraph is always repeated.

  11. Kim · February 22, 2009

    Similar to this site
    Sadly not updated for a long time…

    How come you’ve got the time to piss around with stuff like this? Have you been made redundant Angry?

  12. Mr Angry · February 22, 2009

    I will take onboard all of your comments, before discarding the stupid ones and claiming the rest as my own ideas.

    Hello Kim – Are you new? I don’t think we’ve ever had a Kim before. I have time because I am super-efficient and don’t waste time on things like fact checking, proof-reading, and spell checks – as anyone who has read this site will tell you.