I done a book

I realise that hardly anyone visits these pages these days, seeing as I never write anything any more.  But the truth is, I have been writing, just not here.  My other pet project, NewsArse, has been keeping me very busy indeed, and we’ve now released a book of the top stories from the year – Amused By The World.

Headlines you will find inside include:

“Successful Earth Hour delays inevitable global catastrophe, by an hour”

“World pig population shows signs of man-flu pandemic”

“New MPs Code of Conduct to include every possible definition of the word ‘thievery’”

“Ryanair to charge customers for breathable air”

“Americans protest for the right to make insurance companies richer”

“Cockney violence marred by footballing outbreak”

It has even been described by Stephen Fry on Twitter as “Good” (this is genuinely the highest accolade you can get on the Internet these days, honest).

If you are the sort of person who gives people books for Christmas, maybe you’d like to give them this one? You know, if you want to, like.  No pressure.  Honest.  You can buy NewsArse the book – Amused By The World or click the image below to go to the book’s page.

One comment

  1. Four Dinners · December 7, 2009

    NewsArse is ok but it ain’t Angry.


    Think positive ere.

    Loads of peeps commented here. Now they don’t.

    You used to have influence…or possibly effluence…but you had it!