Boys night in

A couple of my married, loved-up friends had found themselves at a loose end on Friday night due to a Hen Do reunion being held by a joint friend.  This led to the most excellent suggestion of having a “lads night in”.

The four of use would have lots of beer, order a curry, take the piss out of each other, play music too loud and mock each other’s ability to play golf on the PS3.

As Friday night plans go, this was one of the best ones I had heard in the whole of February.

I was really looking forward to it.

The night arrived, and as I finished my seventh can of continental lager, I realised my expectations for the evening had been somewhat awry.

“Have you got any more wine already chilled?” asked my friend The One Who Talks A Lot of our host.

“I want to top up before showing you this absolutely hilarious video on YouTube of a cat swinging from a ceiling fan.”

“Perhaps we should open up another tab in Firefox, you know, and browse to some porn?” I helpfully suggested.

“Just in case the girls come back early and see us gathered round the lap top and get the wrong idea.  I’d rather they thought we were watching young girls debase themselves on the Internet, than chuckling at home movies of cats.”

Thankfully the laptop was put away by the time they arrived home, and no-one will ever know our dirty little secret.


  1. Misty · February 24, 2009

    Oh boys you are getting old, it comes to all of us in the end.

  2. Keef · February 24, 2009

    Coming not too long after your revelation that you’d bought some slippers this is a worrying development

  3. Megan · February 24, 2009

    A) thank god it was chilled wine and not wine coolers which are a gateway drug to bottled mixers and things with umbrellas in.


    B) Watching youTube of cats is just a sad effort to deny that you have an RSS feed for LOL catz and probably cute overload.

  4. Brennig Jones · February 24, 2009

    This smacks of encroaching middle age to me.

  5. ubermouth · February 24, 2009

    Was there any man on man action?
    * I won’t tell anyone.

  6. Equine Pimp · February 24, 2009

    Re: ubermouth comment – please don’t do that again. I know at least two of these people and have just been a little bit sick.

    Not homophobic but that was not a picture I ever wanted in my head.